Saturday, August 30, 2008


Ok, this merits an immediate post despite the fact that it's 2AM, I have a ton of stuff to do tomorrow and I barely slept last night.

Green Party of Canada finally has an Member of Parliament! w00t! And it didn't even take a Harper's election to do it!

Now now, sure I may be in environmental science, and sure I might be against offshore drilling in the ecologically sensitive Arctic etc, but this excited reaction is in no way related to that.
What's irked me the most the past 2 elections is this.... Green Party, despite having candidates running in more constituencies than Bloc Quebecois, has not had any national exposure to the extent that Bloc Quebecois has. And the biggest sticking point to this is the continuous exclusion of the Green Party from the nationally televised debates.
Their reasoning? Green Party does not already have an elected representative in the House of Commons. I'm sorry, doesn't that sound just a tad odd? I mean, if a party never gets exposed to the people, but they do have candidates in all constituencies, how is that not representing the people's thoughts? It takes a lot of organization, time and money to run a national campaign, and without support from the people, this can't happen.
That and I (being in BC or Ontario) honestly don't gives a rats ass about what the National Assembly of Quebec thinks, if the whole purpose of the Bloc is to stand for Quebec independence and not even gonna bother with any other provinces. Not to mention the fact that they get way too much say. It's a fact. 51/308 MP's = 0.16558%. Popular vote of the Bloc: 10.5% in Canada. We should crack em down, Tufan style.
Bloc bashing aside, it's ridiculous that it takes something like this for the Green Party to say anything. Frankly, if the Marijuana Party had a candidate everywhere, I wouldn't mind hearing them out, as long as they had a well developed platform that envelopes a wide variety of issues rather than just point out one thing (which they should be fully capable of, especially if smoking was allowed during debates). And for that matter, the Communists would be cool too.

Canada being Canada, next time we wanna hear some different parties debate, they'll just have to poach some Independents, cuz that block of media outlets + 4 parties would never let others into their private party. Block party!

Ici, c'est la vie.

Chairman "I have nothing against French things or Carrefour" Lau.

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