Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So I was in Banrigh Cafe today because we got free lunch for performing in the Principal's Welcoming Ceremony (Free LUNCH!), and it was exciting! First time in Banrigh in god knows how long. Anyway, turns out, the lil area where they used to cook up the rubbery penne with special sauces or the sketchy chicken-curry-rice-that's-more-like-soup has been converted to a Noodle Bar!
Introducing... the Banrigh Noodle Bar! Complete with chinese-esque signage, teppanyaki cooking surface and choices of sauces such as ginger and hoisin! (So really, should be called the Teppan-yaki bar).

What you do is you line up, grab a black plastic salad bowl, load up with the veggies available, give it to a cook and say what sauce, protein you want (choices today were marinated tofu and garlic chicken), and what carbs you want (noodles or rice), and they fry it up.
It was alright, not too great, not too bad, but because the skill level required to use that teppanyaki grill is slightly higher than the omlette pans, the cooks actually do a decent job.

Now that's got me thinking.... why be limited by what they want you to eat when you can be creative?

Following are examples of what should be plausible:

Beef Stroganoff-esque Noodles

1 burger patty crumbled (from the Grill section) or a few pieces of roast beef (from the Sandwich bar)
Some Onions (as available at Noodle bar)
Some Mushrooms (if desired, available at Noodle bar)
Gravy (as available from the Hot foods section)
Sour cream (from salad bar)
Noodles (from noodles bar)
Salt and Pepper (from tables)

1. Place onions and mushroom onto a black salad bowl.
2. Put 2 ladles of gravy into bowl.
3. Crumble/dice beef and place onto bowl.
4. Place additional mushrooms and onions if desired.
5. Hand bowl to cook, ask for noodles and no sauce.
6. Season, add additional gravy if needed. Mix thoroughly.
7. Head to salad bar and add a dollop of sour cream.
8. Serve!

Notes: Onions and mushrooms on the bottom so the materials in the bowl can slide/dump out easier. Additional mushrooms on top to hide the beef if you wanna be sneaky about it.

Chicken Carbonara

Chicken (from salad bar or noodle bar if available)
Alfredo Sauce (when available at hot foods station)
Parmesan cheese (salad bar)
Bacon bits (salad bar)
Green onions (salad bar) for garnish
Peas (salad bar)
Cold water (drinks station)
Pasta (from pasta bar)

1. In black plastic salad bowl, place green peas, bacon bits, and alfredo sauce in. Mix in some cold water to slightly decrease thickness of sauce.
2. Hand the bowl to the cook, asking to have chicken added in only.
3. Once heated, place sauce over plate of pasta, preferably spaghetti.
4. Sprinkle parmesan cheese as needed into sauce to thicken and flavour, and pour ontop of spaghetti.
5. Mix, garnish with green onions. Done!

Notes: Also totally doable if the microwave was used to heat the sauce.

Turkey Dinner
Onions (from noodles bar)
Cranberry juice (from drinks station)
Turkey (from sandwich bar)
Sliced Bread (from toast station) or Croutons (from salad bar) if lazy.
Cream of Mushroom or others (if available) OR French onion soup
Apple slices (from desserts)
Peas (salad bar)
Worchestershire Sauce (condiments station)
Gravy (when available from hot foods station)
Cinnamon (if available)
Various vegetables (from salad section)
Salt and Pepper

1. Using a soup bowl, put cranberry juice, salt and pepper, and onions and microwave until onions are soft. Add a spritz of Worchestershire sauce into mixture.
2. Cut turkey into pieces, and add into bowl of cranberry mixture, and let sit for a few minutes.
3. Using toasted bread (cubed) or croutons, add in enough cream of mushroom soup or french onion soup to soak thoroughly. If using onion soup, add in finely chopped apples and cinnamon and microwave until apples are soft. If using cream soup, mix in peas and microwave until peas are cooked. Set stuffing aside.
4. Hand the marinated turkey to the cook.
5. On a plate, place turkey, stuffing, and veggies, and smother with gravy.
6. Serve.

Note: Pointless after Thanksgiving since every meal from then on IS a turkey dinner.

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